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    MINI Cooper D 'R56' (2007 - 2014)

    FLYING THE COOP (some text hidden)

    By Andy Enright

    Introductionword count: 26

    The MINI Cooper has been warmly received by British buyers. Here's how to track down a sound used example of the second generation 'R56'-series Cooper D.

    Modelsword count: 8

    3dr hatch (1.6 diesel [Cooper D, Cooper SD])

    Historyword count: 221

    Although the 'new' MINI appeared in 2001 in 'R50'-series form, the car we're concerned with here is the second generation version of this car, dubbed R56 by proper MINI anoraks. Paymasters BMW figured that there was little benefit in changing the exterior design a great deal and instead concentrated on making the MINI easier to live with. With more interior space and better interior quality, the R56 MINI found instant favour when it first appeared in November 2006. The diesel version of this car arrived in April 2007 and although there were mutterings that its £14,190 price was a little high, especially as most needed to tack on another £660 for air conditioning, sales proved healthy. Clubman estate models were added in 2008 to augment the hatch and convertible models but for now we'll concentrate on the hatch model. This was very mildly facelifted in 2010 with revised bumpers and lights plus a bonnet that was redesigned to boost pedestrian safety. This range was extended in 2011 with the launch of the Cooper SD, a higher power diesel version that answered criticisms that the standard Cooper D was a little pedestrian to warrant the badge. Also in 2011, MINI Connected was launched. It's an app-based system, which provides a range of additional services to use in car, running off your iPhone.

    What You Getword count: 290

    The MINI has had its styling refreshed on numerous occasions but it always comes out the other end looking like a MINI. Perhaps more than any other car, this one is inextricably linked to a certain look, namely the classic design cues laid down by Alec Issigonis in the late 1950s. BMW has sensibly kept the links to the past very much intact and the latest cars are yet another variation on that theme. Inside, the current model feels of much higher quality than BMW's first generation version. Gone are those indicators that felt like you were snapping a biro every time you used them. The centrally mounted speedometer houses entertainment and, if specified, navigation functions. The slimmed-down centre console offers decent space in the footwells while these days, the old fashioned ignition key has been replaced by a round signal sensor that slots next to the steering wheel. A start/stop button is also fitted as standard while small ergonomic and quality improvements have been made on the latest cars. Look out for the revised steering wheel and altered controls for the ventilation and audio systems. Although the price might at first seem a little steep for a car that fronts up with 112bhp, the MINI Cooper D seems to offer a lot of car for the money. For a start, it's a apprecialbly bigger than most superminis and it feels a good deal better built than the usual hatchback suspects. Cooper SD models get the option of a Sport Pack, which features 17-inch John Cooper Works alloy wheels, Dynamic traction control and an electronic diff lock to work with the existing DSC stability control, a body styling kit and leather trimmings for the cabin. What To Look For (used_look)

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