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Car & Driving's ‘Driven' Sample Motoring Supplement

A library of editorial and advertorial templates guaranteed to increase any publisher's motor revenue

What it is and how you can sell on the ideas it showcases?

Driven could be produced as an actual product - or you can simply take from the ideas it showcases. These ideas work as well in a stand-alone supplement as they do in an in-paper Motors section, so we've produced both a 32-page sample supplement and a 16-page sample in-paper Motoring section to show you how.

In both, our goal was to incorporate our five main editorial platforms (Dealer Preview/Used Car Model Guide/New Car Road Test/ Family View / Customer Testimony) into a content-rich product with relatively low editorial pagination (around 22%). And create a product that, while increasing readership, can realistically increase revenue by up to 30%.

Every square inch of this product generates revenue - about 22% of it editorial with support ads / 25% direct sell advertorial initiatives / 5% sponsorship / 48% ads.

That can only be achieved by completely dispensing with press release & filler material and by building in local coverage - more local coverage - into a fixed but more accessible and saleable framework. Such as that demonstrated here.

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